Emerging Office Management Trends in 2022

February 28, 2022
Office Management Tips
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The COVID-19 pandemic has driven workplaces across the globe into a frenzy. Two years on, the ever-evolving office processes, workplace protocols, and rapid adoption of technologies are finally settling down. 2022 may just be the year when we can finally introduce some solid office management solutions based on emerging trends that are here to stay. If you are an office manager in Singapore, here are five crucial office management trends that you need to take note of to ensure you and your employees are well-equipped for the times ahead.  

1. Hybrid work arrangements are here to stay.

The pandemic not only forced the global workforce to embrace hybrid work arrangements but also popularised it. Nearly 90% of the people interviewed in a survey expressed positive desires to continue with the same working model. Even though some executives were uncertain about such arrangements in the past, the increased productivity, flexibility and employee satisfaction have evidently removed every trace of doubt too. However, for the hybrid model to work effectively, office managers in Singapore like you must take note of factors such as employee preferences, individual work function and overall workflow of the team. It is only when these elements can work seamlessly together that the hybrid model can truly drive success in an organisation.  

2. The demand for flexible workspaces will continue to rise. 

Since not everyone is returning to the offices full time, office managers in Singapore need to consider the need to reduce workspaces in the long run. Note that the shrinking workspace is not just a passing fad – over 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs have acknowledged that this is the phenomenon that is trending forward. What does this mean to businesses, then? Perhaps it’s time to hire office space planning services to reconfigure the existing spaces for more efficient use. Alternatively, an ideal office management solution could be relinquishing excess areas for more flexible arrangements like hot-desking or moving to co-working sites like WeWork and Just Co. The best part of this trend? More savings on office space rental costs. You will also be able to finally work alongside your office space planning services team to streamline the workspace for efficient hybrid arrangements.  

3. Automation will take over repetitive managerial tasks.

With the rising number of automation tools and office management solutions, it is not surprising that tedious managerial tasks such as scheduling, monitoring tasks and internal communications will soon be easier and less cumbersome. Research has even found that up to 65% of managerial work would likely be automated by 2025. This trend will naturally create more time and space for managers to redirect their attention to building healthier relationships with their employees and nurturing more productive teams.  For office managers in Singapore, the task at hand now is to identify and integrate more useful automation tools to empower these managers so that businesses can drive towards a common goal with greater efficiency.

4. Employee turnover rates will continue to increase. 

A McKinsey’s finding has projected mass resignations and job switches by 2030. This could be fuelled by remote working that has weakened employees’ connection with their fellow teammates and less pressure to remain loyal in their existing jobs. The transformation in work arrangements has also encouraged more employers to hire beyond their usual geographical comfort zone and expand their recruitment remotely. For office managers in Singapore, this points to two things - firstly, human resource departments must explore more ways to improve employee retention through regular engagements but at the same time be ready to look into a bigger talent pool that is beyond their locations. 

5. Employee wellbeing and mental health will become a priority. 

Finally, office managers must be ready to look after the well-being and mental health of employees due to increasing stress levels at the workplace. According to KPMG’s research, 94% of the workforce has been experiencing stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, there are more that organisations can do to improve the wellness of their employees. Consider incorporating counselling services, coaching and employee assistance programmes that can nurture your employees' bodies, minds, and souls. When they are well and good, it will reduce employee attrition too. 

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