Introducing Unconditional Service Guarantee

August 1, 2018
Changing Service Standards
Written By:
Daniel Thong

When a customer buys a product – whether be it a car, a camera or a headphone – more often than not, they receive a warranty or some form of guarantee that the product will work. Why shouldn’t that be the case for services?

Today, we are pleased to roll out our Service Guarantee to all clients that use our regular maintenance and cleaning service. Two months into your subscription with us, if you are dissatisfied with our cleaning service standards, we will do a thorough office spring cleaning for your workspace free of charge or pay a competitor’s service (of your choice) to reset your space. No questions asked.

Many believe services cannot be guaranteed. After all, services are delivered by human known to be less predictable than machines.

However, we think differently. It is too safe for us to assume we are performing a “good enough” service. In this competitive industry which competes on cost leadership, causing a race to the bottom and compromise workers’ livelihood, a blue ocean strategy must thereby lie in service differentiation.

And talk is cheap without any action. If we believe in our people and we think we can deliver the highest service standards in the market, a strategy of committing to an error-free service by tying it tightly to our bottom line business forces us always to do what we say and to say what we do.

History has taught us nothing great is built without complete commitment. In 207BC, there was Chinese general, Xiang Yu, who ordered his troops across the river and quietly burned the bridge behind them. This tactic worked. His army was so motivated they defeated the mighty Qin Dynasty at the Battle of Julu in 207BC because the only way home was moving forward and securing a victory.

I hope that by committing ourselves to an error-free service, we hope to push ourselves to greater heights and transform a cleaning industry’s standards.

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