The Business Case for Investing In A Clean Workplace

June 25, 2018
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It is common for companies to focus on tangible metrics such as employee salaries and office expenses and overlook the intangible aspects of the business such as employee morale, health, productivity and client’s perception of your office.

But let’s take a step back and consider which costs are truly higher.

A clean workspace safe your employee’s health

Keyboards contain 3 to 4 times more germs and bacteria than office toilet seat
Keyboards and computer mice contain 3 to 4 times more germs and bacteria than the average office toilet seat.

A clean workspace safeguards your employee’s health. A messy office space usually becomes a breeding ground for micro-organisms like E Coli and Microbes to thrive. Research by the University of Arizona found that keyboards and computer mice contain 3 to 4 times more germs and bacteria than the average office toilet seat due to reasons like people eating lunch on their desks or poor personal hygiene practices like not washing hands. The growth of these harmful microbes increases the risk of employees falling sick and catching contagious illnesses like cold or flu which directly affect your workers’ productivity.

A tidy office helps with productivity

Collision 8 Lounge Area
The lounge area where idea ‘collisions’ happen. Photo credits: Collision 8

A tidy office increases focus and productivity According to Marie Kondo in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, visible mess “distract us” and decluttering is often vital to gaining clarity and focus. A 2011 Princeton Study seems to back-up her claim as they found that clutter and overstimulation often impacts one’s attention and efficiency, akin to opening multiple tabs while at work. In other words, a clean office gives you fewer distractions and allows your employees to work more productively.

The look and feel of an office helps with culture and retention

The look and feel of an office can affect company culture and retention. It is becoming clear that the physical workspace environment plays a big part in attracting and retaining both clients and employees. We see tech companies like Google, Facebook investing heavily in their office environment as a core part of their hiring and retention strategy. The evidence for having a dirty workspace environment is also apparent: In a Thomson online benefits survey, 64% of employees believe their workspace negatively impacted their well-being as well. It is, therefore, becoming clear that if you make the right workspace decisions that are better for your employees and office productivity, your employee retention numbers will remain consistently high, year after year. Reducing long-term wear and tear and refurbishment cost.

Nimbus Operations Manager
Operations Manager on the ground to ensure cleanliness on the jobsite

From our experience at Nimbus, we see offices that are well-maintained usually end up lowering costs in the long-run. Carpets and parquet flooring that are not well serviced, typically need replacements in less than five years costing somewhere around $2 per square foot in replacing them. It would be substantially cheaper if they engaged a reliable service provider for periodic quarterly carpet care.

To get an estimate on how much office cleaning would typically cost for your company find out more here or drop us an email at

Finding a professional office cleaning company, such as, can help you handle these responsibilities so that you can focus on more important work for your business.

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