Nimbus is on a mission to make local services great again by providing good job opportunities for cleaners and blue-collar workers. We want to change the world, one clean space at a time, making it easy for our customers to run their office by providing them with easy access to office cleaning, supplies replenishments and other local maintenance services. We are aggressively scaling and grow our presence here in Singapore, we’re looking for exceptional people to come join our mission.

We Are Hiring - General Manager

Job Description by Daniel Thong

Nimbus is on a mission to create happy workspaces, one clean space at a time. We believe in providing good job opportunities for everyone and we are proud to lead the industry in compensation for our crew and employees

Job Description

What will I be doing?

We are looking for a General Manager to oversee our operations in Singapore and ensure the highest client satisfaction. This means interfacing with both clients and building structures and relationships to manage hundreds of our crew on the ground.

The General Manager runs the overall P&L for all our Singapore job sites, including both our consumer business as well as our commercial business. You will be responsible for leading our amazing team of operations executives

Day-To-Day Duties

  • A GM duties include overseeing all our operations by conducting operations meetings with our operations team of managers, executive and supervisors.  
  • Structuring our HQ level organization and ensuring good hiring and replacements of HQ level employees (HR /Finance/Marketing / Customer support etc) 
  • Monthly reporting of P&L , Key Metrics and ensuring the profitability of all overall job sites
  • Overseeing and management of key metrics
  • Overseeing and managing marketing efforts, both digital and offline.
  • Reporting of key marketing metrics for both B2B and B2C businesses
  • Building and managing the sales funnel
  • Key Client accounts management
  • Perform B2B or B2B2C Sales 
  • Working hours: 9am-6pm. Monday through Friday.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Has extremely strong interpersonal skill 
  • Is able to take responsibility and lead a HQ team of 20 pax 
  • Can think independently and on his/her feet
  • Analytical and numerical skills are essential in modelling and running a P&L
  • Strong business sense
  • Strong business development skills  
  • Able to multitask

Perks and Benefits

  • Generous Salary Package from $8000 to 5-figure monthly salary
  • The salary offered includes your travel expenses and if necessary, we will reimburse all excessive mileage that is incurred.
  • Independence of running your own schedule
  • Performance bonuses tied to Sales, Client retention and P&L 
  • Medical coverage up to $200 yearly
  • 14 days annual leave with additional 1 annual leave upon yearly commitment (Up to 14 days)
  • Other leaves such as maternity, paternity & compassionate leaves provided
  • Management opportunity at a profitable and fast growing company 
  • An insanely supportive, hardworking team, building something BIG

What You’ll Love About Us

  • Dynamic Working Environment. At Nimbus, every working day is different. As we are a new and upcoming company, there are many challenges and business opportunities to uncover. 
  • People-First. Part of our company’s mission is to provide better compensation and welfare for the blue-collar workers here. We believe that investing in a happier workforce will lead to happier workspaces for our clients.
  • Cross-disciplinary Learning. We believe that learning should not only be confined to one’s job role. We encourage individuals to learn skills from each other and grow to be an all-rounded individual. Expect to learn skills in leadership, inventory management and even simple handyman work

Who will I be working closely with?

Daniel Thong (CEO) 

Daniel has worked in tech for 3 years, helping to launch 2 previous startups from scratch. One in a business development capacity and the other as Country Manager.

Fun Fact: He used to be a former Naval Diver, a Philosophy and Economics major and a historian at Oxford. He loves to build socially impactful businesses and Nimbus is pretty much what occupies him most of the time.

Fareed Mustakin (Product Manager) 

Fareed is a generalist that believes that technology and design can make a huge difference in transforming services in the region. He previously had experiences in business development, operations, marketing, and design.

Fun Fact: Fareed used to be a live broadcast video editor for a huge news TV network. He’s also part of the ‘5am club’ and likes to do anything that improves his well-being and productivity.

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