It depends if you are Part-Time or Full-Time. As a company, we pay a base salary with a separate bonus incentive component based on individual performance. For example, for Singaporean Citizens and PRs, We pay a base salary of around $1300 based on a 44 Hour Work Week. It does not count for Bonus Incentive Component which could include your Annual Wage Supplement and a Performance Bonus of up to $400 Per Year.

Do note that the Salary Scheme below is for locals, not foreigners.

Use the calculator below to calculate your estimated salary.

Monthly salary

I want to work..


hours per week

Attendance Bonus

How often are you absent from work?

Loyalty Bonus

I plan to stay with Nimbus for at least...

Performance Bonus

How would you rate your work performance?


Estimated Salary (per month)

Q. Where are your jobs located?

Our jobs are all currently located in business districts such as Orchard, City Hall, Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar and One-North.

Q. I am a student can I work?

Yes but please refer to this guideline from the Ministry of Manpower. Below the age of 16 we would require you to gain parental consent.

Q. Can foreigners apply?

Yes. However, do note that we have limited foreign quota available.

Q. Will training be provided?

Yes. During your orientation, we conduct in-house training and on-site training. On occasion, we will also send you for
external courses to build up your skills in the industry.

Q. When do I get paid?

At Nimbus, we understand the importance of timely payments. Our payment cycles are on the 5th and 20th of every month.