Client BCP Program

Implementation of BCP Program

Our client is a large MNC whom we have served for several years. During the Covid-19 pandemic, for safety, they have placed their staff on an alternate week BCP program since June, with teams coming into the office on alternate weeks. The staff in different teams are strictly not allowed to come into contact with each other. 

To prevent their team of 6 cleaning crew to be a source of cross contamination between teams, they required a different set of cleaning crew to be attached to each team. Furthermore, certain floors of their office were restricted to only certain cleaning crew. 

Nimbus reallocated 6 additional headcount within 1 week, to provide two separate teams of trained cleaning crew (with no interaction between them) for each week. The regular crew previously servicing the space was split evenly between the teams and a team leader for each team was appointed. 

Briefing was conducted for both teams to ensure compliance to their BCP program.

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