Covid-19 Office Supplies Procurement

Covid-19 Office Supplies Procurement

One of the top global fastfood chain company was looking to re-open their office soon after the two month long circuit breaker. The office manager, however, realised that the physical office space would require restructuring to adapt to the new normal post Covid-19. The client reached out to Nimbus for advise and requested for hygiene-related supplies such as hand sanitizer and its dispensers. Furthermore, with the new safe distancing measures in place, the client required sticker labels such as the Do-Not-Sit stickers and Where-To-Stand Stickers.

Tapping on our extensive supplier network, we managed to procure these items for the client and get them delivered within a week of the request. Nimbus also advised the client on the specific installation points for the hand sanitizers, in order for the hand sanitisers to be well-utlilized.

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