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Regular Cleaning & Event Support

Managing a Vibrant Co-working Space

Collision 8 is a premium and innovative co-working space in Singapore that offers hot desks, permanent desks, and private offices to a diverse community of innovators and business leaders. With a space of over 17,000 sqft, Collision 8 is a space that offers sweeping views of Marina Bay Sands and Raffles Place.

With such an impressive space, Collision 8 requires daily cleaning of their space to keep the space lively and vibrant. The space also boasts a 360 degrees view of Singapore's CBD. In order to maintain the spectacular view, Nimbus provides periodic glass cleaning in order to keep them clean from fingerprints and spots.

Beyond regular cleaning, our staffs prepare the pantry area and stock-up the coffee machine everyday for the Collision 8 members to enjoy when they first reach the space early in the morning. Our staffs are also trained in making coffee and tea for the members, should they require any help to prepare the beverages.

Event Preparation

Being a community-centric co-working space, Collision 8 offers plenty of events and workshops to both their members and the public to trigger networking opportunities or ‘collisions’ . However, hosting events and workshops require plenty of coordination for the Collision 8 team. The team has to structure the events and workshops, provide catering options and more importantly, ensure that the space is prepared to accommodate the guests. Furnitures have to be rearranged while the chairs have to be laid out so that the guests are able to feel comfortable and enjoy the event. Such arrangement, however, it an uphill task given the time constraint of most event preparation.

With the help of our event support team, Collision 8 is able to have their furnitures neatly assembled in accordance to the event floor plan by Nimbus’s temporary support staff crew while they prepare to usher in the guests. Our temporary labour support team also doubles up as event assistants should the guests require any form of assistance during the event.

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