IPG Mediabrands

Transforming an Office with Plants

IPG Mediabrands is a creative media agency operating in over 100 countries. As an agency which helps clients transform their marketing programs into dynamic marketing initiatives, IPG’s new office in MacDonald House Singapore required a space which would both inspire creativity and impress it’s clients.

Indoor and Outdoor Plant Set Up and Maintenance

To help bring IPG’s space to life,  the in-house Nimbus architects proposed a customised landscaping floor plan which helped the client to identify good areas to install their plants.

Our plant nurturer crew then sourced, installed and managed all the plants in their space. With our outsourced plant maintenance crew regularly visiting the premises to ensure plants remains fresh and healthy, the in-house IPG office team never have to worry about their plant-care or maintenance.

Pantry Supplies

To ensure a well-stocked up pantry with a diverse list of items for the office, the Nimbus pantry crew identified a list of healthy snacks for the office fridge and supplemented it’s existing list of pantry orders.

From Popchips to Loacker wafer, our healthy pantry crew ensures the fridges at IPG are well-stocked up.

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