Suspected Case Office Disinfection

Suspected Case Office Disinfection

A large online fashion retail company informed us that one of their staff was a suspect case and was awaiting test results. They wanted to immediately mobilize disinfection cleaning at the earliest possible time due to safety concerns for the staff. 

Within 4 hours on the same day, Nimbus mobilized a total of 8 disinfection crew and 2 site supervisors, along with our specialized disinfection equipment which included carpet and chair extractors and a high-volume misting machine. The area was cordoned off as our crew disinfected all surfaces, carpets, chairs and sofas. Disinfection work was finished at 12am. 

Nimbus managed to respond to the urgent pressing needs of our client within a very short turnaround time to perform full thorough disinfection for their office to ensure the safety of the employees. 

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