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Office COVID -19 Guide

In this time of uncertainty, here are the measures you can take in order to have a peace of mind when it comes to office management.

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Accreditations & Certifications

Nimbus has attained accreditations and certifications for our high standards of cleaning and performance.

Learn what these accreditations mean and why they are important for facilities and maintenance service providers.

We are also officially listed as one of the NEA-approved companies that can carry out professional disinfection work.

COVID-19 Measures
For Offices

Steps to take in your office space to safeguard your colleagues and employees from the virus.

Safe Entry and Contact Tracing

Singapore has adopted SafeEntry using QR code scanning technology to check-in and out off any commercial-related premises.

Who must register for SafeEntry?

All businesses and services that are in operation must institute SafeEntry for their employees.

You may register for SafeEntry here.

Posters informing visitors and employees of SafeEntry should be prominently displayed at the entrance(s) of your office.

Posters customized with your company's Safe Entry QR code, as well as other informative Covid-19 posters, can be purchased through Nimbus.

Contact Tracing & Health Declaration Forms

You may also wish to have visitor health declaration forms and contact tracing forms for your office. Although you can use physical forms, digital forms are more efficient and makes it easier to retrieve data when in need.

Nimbus can assist you in setting up customized codes and forms for ease of data collection, with appropriate PDPA measures in place.

Contact our workplace consultants to find out more.

Safe Distancing in Workplaces

In order to operate and allow employees into workspaces again, companies need to follow safe distancing procedures.

Key Points

Here are some of the key points that you need to adhere to according to MOM's guide. Companies that fail to implement such measures may risk suspension and/or fines.
No Activities with close and prolonged contact (eg. team building). Such activities should be stopped in these times
Assist vulnerable employees like the pregnant and the elderly. Allow them to work from home whenever possible.
Stagger working and break hours to reduce crowding during lunch. It is advisable to disinfect pantry areas in between lunch hours.
Ensure demarcation of 1m between seats and standing areas. Use stickers to indicate where employees can/cannot sit or stand.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

BCP is to manage response to disruptive events, and ensure that critical business functions still operate in the event of a catastrophe, such as a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case. 

Common BCP programs practices are:
A) Alternate week split teams
B) Isolating teams from different office locations.

BCP Arrangement A - By Week Type

Week 1 - Team A
Week 2 - Team B

BCP Arrangement B - By Location

Location 1 - Team A
Location 2- Team B

This reduces risk, so if one team is compromised, the remaining teams can still continue working, reducing disruptions to operations. 

But what about your cleaning crew? If your office staff still share the same crew, the crew could be a common point of contact. Careful planning is needed to ensure that the cleaning crew can carry out their duties, without risk cross-contamination of different teams.

Nimbus can structure tailored BCP programs for your cleaning crew following your company BCP, to mitigate risk while maintaining a high standard of hygiene. Describe your operations to our workplace consultants and get a recommended structured program from us.

Professional Cleaning Tools & Chemicals

For office spaces, common household cleaning tools should not be used as they do not usually have the capacity to handle deep commercial cleaning.

Look for cleaning providers that are using professional commercial-grade equipment. Below are some of the cleaning tools that your cleaning company should have at their disposal when your office is in need of disinfecting work.

HEPA -Filter Vacuum

Vacuums with HEPA filters trap small dust particles efficiently

Colour-Coded Cloths

Use different colour cloths for different areas to prevent cross contamination

Upholstery Extractor

Powerful extractor to clean and disinfect sofas and chairs

Carpet Extractor

Powerful Carpet Extractor to remove deep ingrained germs & bacteria

NEA Approved Chemicals

NEA Approved disinfectants to get rid of germs and viruses

Fogging Machines

Helps with the distribution of disinfectants across a specific area
Swipe to view equipment

Covid-19 Office Supplies

Most offices need to be re-equipped with supplies and equipment to combat Covid-19. This helps to ensure reduced risk in office, as well as peace of mind for employees. 

Here are some of the important supplies you should have in your office:

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Battery Operated
700ml Capacity
Free Installation


Before GST

CIF All Purpose Spray

NEA Approved
For All Surfaces
5L Refill Available


per bottle

Green Air Sanitiser

Last up to 60 days
Kills Airborne Bacteria
Environmentally Friendly


per piece

Face Shields

25 x 28 cm
Protect from spray & droplets
10pcs per set
Anti Fog PET Plastic


per set

Disposable Masks

50 pcs per box
BFE95 Melt-Blown Fabric
EN149 European Standards


per box

Trained Cleaning Crew

Ideally, all cleaning crew working in your space should attain the basic level of WSQ's Certificate in Environmental Cleaning. Under this WSQ course, the cleaning crew will learn important cleaning techniques,  workplace safety and health policies and procedures, which is especially important during this COVID-19 period to keep your space virus free.

From 2022 onward, all cleaning crew have to undergo a mandatory Workplace Safety & Health Course. At Nimbus, we ensure that all our cleaning crew and supervisors are properly certified before they are deployed out to their job sites.

Nimbus Academy

Beyond the basic training provided by WSQ, we take pride in developing other important skillsets to improve cleaning standards and service experience.

We provide modular training for all our cleaning crew, to allow them to grow with our company.

Some of the training modules we provide include:

  • Basic Work Etiquette, Ethics & Grooming Habits
  • Advance Cleaning Methods & Techniques
  • Introduction to Pantry Management & Stock Taking

Cleaning Plan & Frequency

With BCP measures and staggered working hours in place, you need to adapt the changes in your cleaning schedule as well, without compromising the cleaning standards and frequency.

How we plan cleaning work for our clients

During this COVID-19 period, disinfecting work, should takes precedence over the tidying and sprucing of your workplace.

At Nimbus, we provide our clients with a detailed daily-cleaning schedule, adapted in this period to include key disinfecting especially for high contact point areas such as door handles, door knobs, and switches.

These measures are in line with both NEA's Interim Guideline for Non-Healthcare Premises and MOM's Safe Management Measures Advisory.

Using Technology for Remote Supervision

New work arrangements and less physical supervision should not result in poorer cleaning service standards, especially during COVID-19. At Nimbus, all our crew are equipped with the Nimbus Crew App that allows our supervisors to track their check-ins and outs, and make instantaneous replacements and work arrangements.

Our clients are also able to track these movements and arrangements, while at the same time, contact their account manager instantaneously.

Covid-19 Case Contingency Plan

Contingency plans need to be made in the event that one of your staff is a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case, so that there is a clear protocol in place which can be executed smoothly and without panic.

If you are an SME with a confirmed Covid-19 case on your premises, you may be eligible for grants to defray disinfecting and cleaning costs.

An example plan is below: 

  • Determine the last day suspect case has been in office 
  • Close affected office space
  • Inform cleaning providers of suspect case
  • Secure earliest possible timing for disinfection of premises
  • Identify employees who were in the office together with suspect case
  • Inform affected employees to stay at home
  • Check up on health of those who were in contact with suspect case
  • Disinfect your entire space

Nimbus’ workplace consultants can help you to formulate a contingency plan in event of a confirmed or suspect case as we have done for several MNCs, for better risk management.

We are also officially listed as one of the NEA-approved companies that can carry out professional disinfection work.

Introducing Nimbus Shield

Give your stakeholder the assurance that your space is CovidSafe with our QR code system that scans lab results within 24hs.

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