8 Tips for Easy Office Moving

September 4, 2020

Moving is a huge hassle, especially moving offices. Lots of bulky desks, chairs, sofas, computers and more. But moving doesn’t need to be such a headache. We outline 8 tips below: 

1. Label your boxes

When all your colleagues are moving things, boxes can easily get mixed up or lost. It may be a good idea not to mix different people’s possessions into one box. 

To prevent boxes from getting lost or mixed up, label your boxes very clearly. Make sure you have a system that everyone understands, so that everyone understands the label. Another simple tip is to post labels on both opposite sides of the box, so that boxes can be easily identifiable from both angles. 

A simple system of box labelling will ensure that setting up your new office space will be much more efficient with less hassle. 

Labels can make a huge difference in the efficiency of office moving.

2. Know what to pack 

Not everything can be packed into boxes to be moved. Some items are hazardous and should be brought home or disposed of. For most efficiency, only necessities should be packed. 

Some examples of things that should not be packed are: 

Liquid based items which may have leakage 

Biscuits and food items which may cause moulding and infestation 

Aerosol spray cans which are flammable and delicate

Batteries, lighters, nail polish removers and any other flammable objects

3. Distribute packing by weight and size 

You wouldn’t want your fragile items to be crushed under heavy files. Make sure the heaviest items are at the bottom, and the lightest ones are on top, so that the lighter items do not get crushed. And if it’s extra fragile, transport it yourself instead! 

4. Keep your boxes to 25kg 

For easy handling of your packed boxes, ensure that they are under 25kg and can be lifted fairly easily. This would prevent accidents from improper handling of overly heavy boxes as well. 

Bulky items exceeding 25 kg to pack should be packed separately and labelled as such. Our Packing Assistants would be able to advise you on alternative arrangements. 

5. Do not cram your boxes

Your boxes should not be overfull and should close easily without any bulging. Bulging boxes are structurally weakened and can tear easily. Do not force your items in if your box is already filled. 

Our moving services can provide boxes so if you require more, do not hesitate to request more boxes from our packing assistants.

6. Place small loose items in a ziplock bag. 

Small items like pens, rulers, lipsticks, keys and clips can easily get lost or slide around in a big box. They also have the potential to scratch other items, or get scratched, if they are moving around the box when they are being moved. To prevent this, keep them together in a ziplock or plastic bag so that they do not get scattered. 

Keep small loose items like stationery together in a ziplock bag

7. Fill up the gaps within the box as much as possible

It can feel like playing tetris with your items, but it is important to arrange your items carefully in a box. Reducing gaps in between items in the box helps to reduce shifting and sliding of items and will prevent items being damaged. You can also use some newspapers, bubble wrap or other soft materials to fill up the gaps or to pad sharp corners, if needed. 

8. Double tape your boxes 

A very simple but effective tip: double tape your boxes! Taping them once allows for the possibility of a box bursting open during moving, which is both dangerous and inconvenient. Double taping all openings prevents any possible spillage of boxes. 

Case study: 

Our client, a listed MNC technology company, scheduled their moving in June 2020. The challenges of moving were exacerbated by the Covid-19 situation, meaning extra precautions had to be taken. 

Our Packing Assistants brought all the necessary tools such as heavy duty packing boxes, bubble wrap for padding, and strong tape. They assisted and advised employees over 4 days in the proper way to pack their belongings, to ensure that items were packed well to minimize the chances of breakage and damage. 

Labelling and protecting equipment

Boxes and bulky equipment like monitors and keyboards were also labelled with each employee’s identifier for maximum efficiency and a hassle free moving experience. The Packing Assistants also took care with special office furniture such as an expensive Herman Miller chair. There was great attention to detail as we wrapped it and transported it with care. 

Double taping to secure the boxes

For the items that were not yet needed in their new space, Nimbus provided an in-house secure storage facility for easy storage and retrieval of items. 

Nimbus' secure storage space

Moving does not need to be a stressful task. Nimbus provides a total office moving solution from advising and packing, to storage and disposal. We also provide cleaning, pest control, landscaping and more for your new office in a one-stop solution. Contact us with your office moving request to find out more. 

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