Effective Pest Control To Bug-Proof Your Office

The office is a place where people congregate in one, tight space. Dirty shoes tread all around; trudged in from places all over Singapore. Desserts are passed around in the name of love and sharing, dropping miniscule crumbs along the way. Even with the weekly office cleaning and a reminder for everyone to do their part, your office may be home to something more sinister lurking in the dark corners. Whether you are facing an active infestation or simply want to do a diagnostic check, it is important to find a pest control service provider that has been proven effective and reliable by their clientele.

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Signs of Pest Infestation in Your Office

There are some telltale signs of pest infestation in your office. One distinctive clue is seeing dead insects or shedded skin in areas like window ledges and between gaps in the flooring. If you see wooden shavings, you may be dealing with an infestation of bugs such as termites. Of course, one dead giveaway is seeing live insects crawling around your office. Apart from termites, some common office culprits are cockroaches and ants. These pests bring along diseases and can destroy property, creating bigger problems if left unresolved. Therefore, it is important to keep the office clean and hygienic. Empty food waste immediately, and disinfect your office frequently. But if all else fails and you think you have a pest control issue, let Nimbus do the dirty job for you.

What to Do After Discovering a Pest Problem?

If you think your office is dealing with a pest control issue, you can try to identify the source. Perhaps the ants are coming in because a piece of cake has fallen behind the fridge; or there is a dead rat in the ceiling nooks. Once you can identify where these pests are coming from, discard the offending article to discourage more pests from breeding and do a deep cleaning. If you are working from a shared office or commercial building, you can also alert the building management to get them to check out the problem. If all else fails, seek help from a reliable pest control service provider. It is best not to attempt to troubleshoot the pest problem yourself as many commercial pesticides just are not as effective against such infestations.

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Client Testimonials

"The Nimbus team is always on the lookout for suggestions to better fit our needs. They have been very involved in our operations from Day 1, always ensuring we have a good cleaning team on duty... glad to have Nimbus working alongside the team!”
Facilities Manager, Found8
"Nimbus offered us a total office management solution; ranging from regular cleaning, pantry upkeeping, landscaping works and even recycling and waste management. Overall, I am very pleased with Nimbus and the standard of service that they have to offer!"
Office Manager, IPG Mediabrands
"Nimbus always comes to my rescue whenever I'm requesting for an urgent help in cleaning services due to various VIP events; It's an honour getting to work closely with Daniel and his team as they will always ensure the task allocated would be done at a very satisfactory level."
Manager, Corporate Real Estate & Administration, Hyflux Ltd

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