Post Renovation Office Cleaning in Singapore

Renovations are major works - walls are dug up, holes are patched with cement, and fixtures are torn down and rebuilt. And no matter how well you try to clean up after the renovation, dust, watermarks and dried plaster just do not go away that easily. Apart from bringing down the overall aesthetics of your office, the clutter can be a safety and health hazard which brings on allergies in some individuals. By the end of your renovation, all you want is to lift the curtain and showcase the new look to your staff and clients. Therefore, in addition to the post-renovation organisation and getting everything in place, cleaning is something nobody wants to contend with. To mitigate this annoying situation, many office owners choose to engage professional cleaning services in Singapore to deal with the mess after renovation works.

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Benefits Of Post Renovation Office Cleaning

While some people choose to take matters into their own hands, post-renovation cleaning is no easy feat. The chemicals and materials used can leave a lasting stain in your otherwise spotless flooring or walls, and the post-cleaning can take up a huge chunk of your time. Professional cleaning companies like us have experience dealing with all kinds of renovation stains and debris, leaving the office owners with a clean and hygienic environment to resume working in. At Nimbus, our cleaners are highly skilled and well-trained in cleaning up all kinds of mess. With the right technology, you get cleaning services that are fast, efficient and high-quality.

Why Choose Nimbus?

At Nimbus, we are not just your everyday cleaning company. Apart from having years of professional experience servicing clients from a wide range of industries, we are also committed to building a sustainable culture and service. Through a comprehensive sustainability framework, Nimbus pledges to shape its operations to impact the environment positively; provide social good to the community at large; and instill good governance across the company. In short, we want to make the world a better place, one clean space at a time. So let us deliver our promises by engaging our post renovation cleaning service for your office in Singapore today.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or the next one is on us.

Satisfaction Guarantee for our cleaning service

At Nimbus, we don't just pay lip service to quality, we walk the talk. If you are dissatisfied with our spring cleaning after the service, we will do a complimentary cleaning for you free of charge - no questions asked.

we walk the talk

Client Testimonials

"The Nimbus team is always on the lookout for suggestions to better fit our needs. They have been very involved in our operations from Day 1, always ensuring we have a good cleaning team on duty... glad to have Nimbus working alongside the team!”
Facilities Manager, Found8
"Nimbus offered us a total office management solution; ranging from regular cleaning, pantry upkeeping, landscaping works and even recycling and waste management. Overall, I am very pleased with Nimbus and the standard of service that they have to offer!"
Office Manager, IPG Mediabrands
"Nimbus always comes to my rescue whenever I'm requesting for an urgent help in cleaning services due to various VIP events; It's an honour getting to work closely with Daniel and his team as they will always ensure the task allocated would be done at a very satisfactory level."
Manager, Corporate Real Estate & Administration, Hyflux Ltd

We Do More Than Cleaning.
We Manage Offices.

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We Support Fair & Progressive Employment Practices

We care about our people at Nimbus. Nimbus believes that good employment practices forms the foundation to sustaining a happy workforce. We are recognised by Singapore’s Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices (TAPEF) for having exemplary standards in the handling of our employees and other employment procedures and processes.

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