Operations Executive

Nimbus is on a mission to create happy workspace, one clean space at a time. We believe in providing good job opportunities for everyone, including all our staff and we are proud to lead the industry in compensation. You can learn more about our salary packages here.

What will I be doing?

We are looking for a cleaning operations executive to assist us the operational team in our day-to-day responsibilities. Transportation will be covered.

Day-To-Day Duties

  • A cleaning operations executive is in charge for the management of cleaning operation duties as directed by the manager
  • Coordinate with cleaning supervisors and client to ensure quality service delivery
  • Manage inventory, equipment and maintenance schedule across various job sites together with supervisors  
  • Develop and review work procedures to ensure quality service delivery
  • Working with cleaning manager to manage contracts with clients
  • Respond to and report operational incidents if any
  • Working hours: 8am-5pm (9 hours shift). Monday through Friday.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Is able to multitask
  • Responsive and approachable, with strong communication skills
  • Can work independently
  • Strong organizational skills

Perks and Benefits

  • Receive competitive remuneration of $2000 to $3000
  • Performance Bonus
  • Remuneration offered includes your travel expenses and if necessary, we will reimburse all excessive mileage that is incurred.
  • includes your travel expenses and if necessary, we will reimburse all excessive mileage that is incurred.
  • Variety of working in different job sites in different industries
  • Independence of running your own schedule
  • Ground floor opportunity at one of the fastest growing companies in the world
  • An insanely supportive, hardworking team, building something BIG
  • Outstanding candidates may qualify for Employee Share Appreciation Schemes

What You’ll Love About Us

  • Dynamic Working Environment. At Nimbus, every working day is different. As we are a new and upcoming company, there are many challenges and business opportunities to uncover. Say goodbye to mundane life!
  • People-First. Part of our company’s mission is to provide better compensation and welfare for the blue-collar workers here. We believe that investing in a happier workforce will lead to happier workspaces for our clients.
  • Cross-disciplinary Learning. We believe that learning should not only be confined to one’s job role. We encourage individuals in the team to learn skills from each other and grow to be an all-rounded individual. Expect to learn skills in leadership, inventory management and even simple handyman skills!

Who will I be working closely with?

Szehui Tham (Operations Manager)

Szehui loves excel formulas, building dashboards and is core to the company’s smooth operational processes. Extremely amicable and empathetic, she is key to making customers happy again. She is known as the ‘Ops Queen’.

Fun Fact: Loves food and singing karaoke. When she sings, the whole room stops and stares for a bit in awe. She is also a mother of an extremely cute 8-month-old son. Not enough? She takes very good care of her teammates.

If you are interested, please call us at 8787 5824 or apply online by providing your contact below.

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