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Disinfecting Cleaning Scope

Misting alone does not disinfect the germs and bacteria in your office. Nimbus offers a comprehensive disinfecting solution which provides a deep cleaning of your office to give you and your employees peace of mind.

If you are an SME who experienced a confirmed Covid-19 case on your premises, you may be eligible for grants to defray your disinfection expense.
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Antimicrobial Air Treatment

Conduct Anti-Microbial Treatment to sanitize air using Ultra-Low volume misting machine.

Nimbus Provides Accountability

Deep Carpet Disinfection

Office carpets are washed and disinfected with disinfectant chemicals and special carpet extractor machines.

Nimbus provides service guarantee for all our services

Complete Disinfection Wipedown

Through wipedown of all high touch surface areas using disinfecting chemical containing Sodium Hydroxide and Isopropyl Alcohol.

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Upholstery Disinfection

High pressure steam and specialized extraction to remove bacteria, viruses and allergens in chair seats, sofas and furniture.

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Satisfaction Guarantee for our cleaning service

At Nimbus, we don't just pay lip service to quality, we walk the talk. If you are dissatisfied with our disinfecting cleaning after the service, we will do a complimentary rectification for you free of charge - no questions asked.


Q: How is disinfecting cleaning different from regular cleaning?

A: Disinfecting cleaningcovers all high touch and surface areas of the office, including table legs and chairs, displays, shelves and cabinets that are usually not done on a day-to-day basis. The use of disinfecting chemicals eliminates bacteria, viruses and allergens lurking in those usually untouched and uncleaned areas.

Q: Do you just provide misting?

A: Yes, we do, but we prioritise our existing customers and it will be based on our availability. To prepare for the treatment, remove all food items in the treatment area and ensure treated area need to be vacant for 4 hours after the treatment for the chemicals to settle down in the treated areas.

Q: Why do we have to do carpet and upholstery disinfecting as well?

A: By definition, the goal of disinfecting cleaning is to eradicate all bacteria, viruses and allergens in your space. Many germs and bacteria usually reside in the carpets and chairs in your office, so a thorough disinfecting cleaning would need to include that as well.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: No space is the same. Request a quote here and our workplace consultants will get in touch.
If you are an SME who experienced a confirmed Covid-19 case on your premises, you may be eligible for grants to defray your disinfection expense.

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