Commitment to ethical business conduct

Good Governance

Our commitment to ethical and responsible business conduct

Nimbus is committed to ethical and responsible business conduct. This commitment is firmly embedded in our core values (Integrity, People-First) and we adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption, bribery, malpractice, and wrongdoing of staff in their course of work. 

Even though we are a private company, our organisation has in place a policy to highlight any inappropriate behaviour among our employees in order to maintain our high ethical standards of accountability, reliability and honesty for our stakeholders at all times. 

We have a channel for both employees and external parties to raise concerns and issues in good faith on possible corruption, suspected fraud and other non-compliance issues, a dedicated email address allows whistle blowers to contact the compliance committee directly.

The contact details which will only be read by our founder, Daniel Thong, are as follows:


Information received pertaining to whistleblowing will be treated with confidentiality and restricted to the designated person in-charge of the investigation to protect the identity and interest of whistleblowers.